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About me


Hi, my name is Debbie Vervoort. I always had a little voice in the back of my head that said

"I wish I could paint," and December 2016 was the time for me to do it.


After trying everything, I figured out that painting portraits are really my thing. 

They are mainly distinguished by the small selection of a face and the naughty twist.

In 2017 I started with wooden canvasses with sizes 20x20cm. These paintings from the Exclamation Mark Series, especially the lips, became my trademark, and they went all over the world. When you purchase one, you want more of them to decorate your wall because they are great-looking grouped together. For this series, I made 192 paintings.

In 2018 I started to paint the lips on bigger canvasses with metal leaf in my work, which gives it a beautiful 3d effect. And when the sun or another light source shines on it, it creates a lovely ambiance and brings the painting to life. These paintings are called the CAPS-Series. 

In 2019 I figured that my eye paintings were a big success. I started hunting for original frames in second-hand stores, and the idea was to paint eyes on the glass inside the frames. I called this series the Eye Framed Series. I mostly painted eyes, but every now and then, I liked to paint a portrait. 

In 2020 I started with the #-Series. They are similar to the Exclamation Mark Series but in size, 40x40cm, and wood. 

Recently (2021), I started with abstract paintings. I decided it was time to start with painting from the heart. Just start and see where it leads. for the Nature Treasure Series, I am inspired by the beautiful views you have when looking outside of an airplane window. You see so many beautiful landscapes down below with beautiful colors. And I would love to create that vibe on a canvas. A vibe that takes you back to that moment in the plane, knowing you will have a great vacation in a beautiful country. Who doesn't love that feeling, right! 

I also decided to try different mediums to paint with. The combination of Acrylics with water creates a flow in the painting. It is trying and trying till the right composition appears on the canvas. This series is called the Natural Flow Series. Mostly they are beautiful colorful works.

My works can be found in private and corporate collections in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, England, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Austria, Georgia, Monaco, Denmark, Taiwan, Israel, USA, and UAE.


I love to paint. It has a therapeutic effect on me, in which music plays a significant role. I love to discover different kinds of music. When I paint, I always listen to one of my playlists on Spotify that I love to share with other people. You can find my painting life-line playlist on the left side below my photo. 


I have found my true passion for painting. I am absolutely a happy person and will continue to do so for a long time. I hope that many people will enjoy my paintings.

Lots of love,


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