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Eye Remember Eyes of love close to the heart

Welcome to Eye Remember, where we believe in cherishing loving memories and anchoring precious moments close to the heart.


Our slogan "Eyes of love close to the heart" perfectly encapsulates what we stand for.

We specialize in crafting silver jewelry where we incorporate the ashes of loved ones and meticulously hand-paint the iris of the deceased, then finish with glass for a realistic effect. Of course, it's also available without ashes for a unique gift.

Our collection offers a unique and intimate way to honor loved ones and preserve memories. We have an extensive selection, including two sizes of silver pendants - small and large - and two sizes of gold-plated pendants, designed for different preferences and budgets.


The small pendant can be worn on a chain or as a charm on a bracelet, while the large pendant is perfect for wearing on a chain.

In addition to our luxury collection, we also offer affordable options such as wooden pendants and metal pendants in bronze and silver tones.


At Eye Remember, we believe that wearing a piece of jewelry containing the ashes of a loved one is a unique and comforting way to keep their memory alive and always carry them close to the heart.

Discover our collection today and let us help immortalize your precious memories.


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