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New painting techniques!

I decided to expand my knowledges when it comes to painting. I paint for four years now and always with oil paint just like I always paint realistic. Now for me it was the time to listen to my innervoice that said; "I wish I could do abstract."

Changing supplies

So new plan but first I have to change my supplies. So I went to my favourite store which I always call the candy store. Due to corona I had to make an appointment first. I knew what I was looking for. I had in my mind to start with acrylics and high flow acrylics. I had 20 minutes totally and pretty fast I found everything I needed. With my hands full of new art supplies I walked back to my car, always with a happy feeling like a kid that just received a lollipop.

Because I had no kids that weekend I decided to lock myself up and fully focus myself on art.

First painting was a little struggle but good thing is if I think it is a failed piece I can just go over with a new layer when it is dry. I created around 6 pieces that weekend with different techniques that are possible with high flow acrylics. Slowly I am learning how to manipulate this beautiful mix of colours with the use of water. I never expected me to say this but I really love doing this and create an abstract. It is more go with the flow than painting a portrait. I also tried to use some modelling paste to create structures on the canvas. Well lets see where this goes, but for now I absolutely enjoy this experiment.

#structurecanvas #semiabstract

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