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How I create my new work.

Well, not so long ago, I started my new journey in art.

I started with different paint, techniques, and a new style.

In the beginning, it was primarily trying, trying how this new medium works on the canvas.

Does it need a lot of water or not so much? How do I get the paint in the right direction?

I started with High flow Acrylics from Golden. You can drip it on the canvas, and by adding water,

the colors are blending in, and by adding water in a particular way, the flow goes in the right direction. I also messed up some canvasses when I used too much water, and the paint just looked like a colored soup that made no sense, haha. But when I looked at it the day after, I still managed to create something nice by adding some new paint. It is all about starting and see where it goes. A surprise every time. And that is also the fun of this way of painting. When I am not satisfied with the result, it is simply not ready yet, and I give it a new try. What I like most about this painting medium is that the water creates movement in the works.

I also tried to throw the paint on the canvas. I manipulated the paint a little bit with a spatula as a start, and when that layer was dry, I started with the second part of the painting process, which is the dripping part and adding water.

When I prepared the canvas first with special acrylic structure paste, I noticed that the paint has a different way of flowing, which depends if it is just modeling paste, modeling paste with sand, crackle paste, or modeling paste with glass beads in it. And that style, for now, I like the most. It creates depts on the canvas, and that is an excellent effect.

When I thought it was challenging to let go of control, it now seems the part I like the most.

It is fantastic to see the canvas constantly changing. And it is a challenge to stop at the exact right time.

Here are some of the works I have created lately. Which one you like most and why?

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